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After years and years of venting bitch sessions with fellow gym buddies and industry professionals, it was decided that a platform was needed to catalog all the common stereotypical annoyances experienced in the gym! Thus, .... THE GYM RANT idea was born! We would love to say we started on the path right away when the idea was developed but the truth was that the 9-to-5 and other responsibilities got in the way. Then, there was some final straws and it was time to move forward with our platform!


We are taking back the gym one RANT at a time! To long has the minority of moronic stereotypical sh!t heads ruled the gym floors! We are the majority! We keep the lights on in the gym and the equipment updated with our membership fees! Gym Douchebags are the small portion of the monthly dues gyms receive! We are the larger revenue generating group! It is time we take back the power! Its time we take back the gym floor! The gym is OUR HOUSE! 

Join us every week (sometimes more) for over the top RANTS about everyday gym annoyances from the typical gym atmosphere! Hopefully this platform will assist in giving the majority of gym members a voice! Listen and you'll either be offended or empowered! Choice is yours! 

No stereotype is safe, we hit them all from every side. This is not you every day pod-fadding platform for workout advice, this is a platform to find the humor in the everyday annoyances experienced by fellow daily gym goers and fitness freaks.

We are not politically correct, not because of any belief systems, we are simply not politically correct because it is funnier that way.


As stated, no one is safe. Chances are that if you listen to our show you will hear topics that relate to you or hear about things that you're guilty of. Many listeners and even the Gym Rant hosts will get offended at some point, some more than others. Truth is if we aren't offending each other then we simply aren't doing our jobs correctly. It is our goal to cover and make fun of the everyday gym annoyances and stereotypical fitness atmospheres 

Tune in only for good laughs, we don't take ourselves seriously and neither should you! Do not tune in if you are an easily offended snowflake or someone that cannot take warped sense of humors. 

Feel free to contact us and recommend some topics!

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