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THE GYM RANT: Laughing Our Way To a Better Atmosphere
Take Back The Gym With A Laugh!

After years and years of venting bitch sessions with fellow gym buddies and industry professionals, it was decided that a platform was needed to catalog all the common stereotypical annoyances experienced in the gym! Thus, .... THE GYM RANT Podcast idea was born! We would love to say we started on the path right away when the idea was developed but the truth was that the 9-to-5 and other responsibilities got in the way. Then, there was some final straws and it was time to move forward with our platform!


We are taking back the gym one RANT at a time! To long has the minority of moronic stereotypical sh!t heads ruled the gym floors! We are the majority! We keep the lights on in the gym and the equipment updated with our membership fees! Gym Douchebags are the small portion of the monthly dues gyms receive! We are the larger revenue generating group! It is time we take back the power! Its time we take back the gym floor! The gym is OUR HOUSE! 

Join us weekly (sometimes more) for over the top podcast full of humor, comedy & RANTS about everyday gym annoyances from the typical fitness atmosphere! Hopefully this platform will assist in giving the majority of gym members a voice! Listen and you'll either be offended or empowered! Choice is yours! 

We are all about our audience, please leave us a voicemail about ideas for a next episode. Hell, even if you want to call in to leave your own mini RANT, we'd love to hear from you!

The Gym Rant on Anchor Podcast
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